1. No-Obligation Site Assessment

At a convenient time, a member of our pool design and construction team will come to you from our Head Office in Gurgaon, to provide you with an accurate quote for the design and construction of your new luxury residential swimming pool.

2. Quote Acceptance and Contract Signing

Once you are happy with the quote, we will draw up a Pool Building Contract for you to review and sign. This document details all elements of the swimming pool construction process and payment plan.

3. Excavation 

Once we have your design approval, your swimming pool construction starts with excavation. We get the excavation approved from you before starting the concrete work.

4. Formwork and Steelwork

All the steelwork involved in your pool construction is inspected by engineers before the shell is sprayed.

5. Concrete Shell Spraying , Waterproofing and Curing

We use high pressure shotcrete to form the concrete shell, using our own in house equipment. We use recommended polymers and admixture to mix in the spray concrete.Though conventionally Pool Builders do not do Chemical waterproofing if they have used spray concrete, we do not agree with the system. We apply first layer of waterproofing on the concrete shell. Post waterproofing, the surface is plastered and a second layer of waterproofing applied. The tank is filled for 3-4 days with water for testing and curing.

6.  Filtration 

While your pool is curing , our experienced pool builders install your external pool plumbing, lighting and filtration systems.

7. Tiling and Finishes 

This is the stage when tiles are laid on the walls and floor of the pool. The coping on the pool edge is done using stone, granite or tiles as per approved design.

8. Completion and Commissioning

The time has come to fill the pool with water and commission the pool before handing over.

9. Handover

When your new luxury pool is full and ready to be enjoyed, it’s time for the grand unveiling. We tell you what’s required in terms of maintenance, and then all that’s left to do is pop the champagne and prepare for the pool warming party.

For a meticulous pool construction process that ensures complete client satisfaction, makes us your first choice — we’re sure you’ll be impressed with our proven luxury swimming pool construction process that has seen us receive many positive reviews from our satisfied clients.