Waterproofing of Terrace and Balconies is very critical, since these are always exposed to the harsh weather conditions, rain, climatic changes and temperature variation during day and night. A good waterproofing design of a terrace does not only include waterproofing application, it also includes providing proper slopes and drainage for the water to drain thru. In case water is not allowed to drain properly, over a period of time the water will seep thru and create further cracks resulting in deterioration of the structure. The selection of product and application depends upon the size & use of the terrace, over lay & finishing material to be used after the application has been done. As the spaces are contracting, owners want to utilize terraces for small get together or children play areas. Different type of coatings based on Acrylics, Latex, Epoxy and Polyurethanes can be used on the terraces. We prefer to use Polyurethanes and modified Polyurethanes in our applications, as these have longer design life. Our application includes:

  • Clean the surface properly by using mechanical grinders to grind and clean the concrete slab.
  • Washing the surface with clean water to clean the deep pores of all the micro dust.
  • Making angle fillets at the floor and wall joints.
  • Plugging and Sealing the drain pipes.
  • Saturate the surface with water based primers.
  • Application of 2 coats of Polyurethane Coating.
  • Water Ponding for two days to check for seepages if any.