The Wet Areas in house are those which will be having water usage on daily basis such as Kitchen, Bathrooms and Washing Areas. In kitchen the wet area is generally below the Sink and Dish washer. In bathrooms, its advisable to waterproof the walls on which possibility of water splashes is there, such as shower area or the wall next to bathing tub. The product selection depends upon type of Slab. In case of sunken slab, a better hydro static pressure bearing product should be used. In case of Inverted slab, a low water pressure bearing product can be used. We prefer to use a Epoxy or a Acrylic Modified Two component cementitious product in the wet areas, depending upon the slab. However, on the walls, we use a Polymer modified cementitious coating to seal the bricks.

Our application includes:

  • Clean the surface properly by using mechanical grinders to grind and clean the concrete slab.
  • Washing the surface with clean water to clean the deep pores of all the micro dust
  • Making angle fillets at the floor and wall joints
  • Plugging and Sealing the drain pipes.
  • Saturate the surface with water based primers
  • Application of 2 coats of Polyurethane Coating
  • Water Ponding for two days to check for seepages if any.